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What medium do you use to create your art?

I use Winsor & Newton professional oil paint for all my original paintings on canvas.  All my original paintings are painted on Gotrick canvas.

How did you develop your own style?

I taught myself by studying the old masters, and if you do that long enough, you start developing your own style, which for me happened slowly but surely. My signature of being an artist that loves color and light is consistent through all my work and you see it in the images on every product.

Do you ever regret not going to art school?

Not at all. Living in Iran up until my early twenties did not allow me the same luxuries as if I would of been living in North America.  At the age of twelve, I had my first business and was in a different life. By the time I had discovered my artistic gifts, I had many of my own businesses, had worked in many different industries and had used my entrepreneurial spirit and inventive mindset to dive into the art industry. I did not formally go to art school but I did take some classes and learned some of the foundational knowledge in those classes.  I also was fortunate to have some private lessons by hiring a mentor and this helped tremendously.  My art school was twelve to fourteen hours painting in my studio-- needless to say I had hands on experience.  This had always been the way I learned best.

What was your first job?

My first job was being an owner of a welding shop at the age of twelve in Iran and my second job was being an owner of a small shop that made aluminum doors and windows at the age of nineteen in Iran. When I was twenty five, I came to Canada and quickly went from being an owner to working any job that could put food on the table.  I learned many lessons along the way but found out quickly that hard work and integrity were core in being successful no matter what job I had. 

What would be your ideal working conditions?

I would do all my paintings in a large studio with windows on the ceiling and all around the room overlooking the mountains or an ocean, and my art studio would be part of my llarge home with a gallery and store attached.

How rigid are you about your schedule?

Very. I paint and work on products every day. I never tire of creating original images, designing products or finding new products to place my images on.  Mostly I create the original images and my wife Sandra looks after the development.

Why do you think people connect so well with your work?

My love for life, for the beauty of God’s creation lead me to paint with vivid color, depth and spiritual passion. My paintings reflect the great beauty and diversity of our world. Through oil and my use of perspective I capture this awe in simplicity.  My brush strokes and my color palette are widely admired and I am known for my confidence in using color and for the way I bring light to all my original creations. All of my work is inviting.

Because my subject matter derives from capturing experiences and memories, they are exceedingly popular among those in search of that type of nostalgia. My work can be found displayed in galleries across North America, retail environments, festivals, and private and public shows. My art and my products are collected from those across North America to the United Kingdom..

You've painted so many images thus far in your career. What's the most popular of all time?

I don't think it's a popular image I have that is most popular but rather a popular feeling that comes out of my art images.  People are drawn to my vibrant colors, the use of light and the feeling of romanticism in my art.  When someone buys a piece of art or a product with my art image on it, they get to rest and escape in the beauty away from the craziness of life.

Who are some of the artists that you admire? 

There are many brilliant artists.  Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Kinkade, and Sam Parks are three that I admire for various reasons. Their ability to capture the beauty of the world around them on canvas are extraordinary.  I appreciate their contributions to the world of art.  Thomas Kinkade, although perhaps controversial as of late was brilliant in marketing and bringing his art to the masses. Certainly there is something to be learned from each of them.

How do you handle criticism of your work?

I appreciate feedback to my work and am open and interested in what people have to say. However, I am also true to myself.  I know that in the depths of my soul is where my art emerges from.  My love for color and for light truly represents the beauty and love in my life.  I never apologize for that.  I am blessed.

Do you have any advice for young artists?

Be passionate about your art.  Practice, practice and practice!  It is all part of the journey and enjoy every part of the journey realizing that a true artist is always in a process of discovery.  Never be afraid to try and never give up!

Can you imagine doing anything else?

Art is in my soul and it is who I am.  When I create and paint it is like breathing.  When I see my art images on products, I am filled with excitement as I believe my purpose is to bring joy to other's through the gifts God has given me.