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In 2005, Saeed Hojjati found himself sitting in his taxi cab waiting for the next call to go pick up a new customer.  He had waited for these calls many times before and he knew it could be minutes or hours before the next call would come.  However, after going through a divorce in 2004, Saeed needed to keep his mind busy.  He reached for the pencil and small pad he had in his taxi and began to sketch pictures.  Little did Saeed know that this would lead to great things down the road.

A few days later, Saeed's girlfriend, Sandra saw the sketchbook and inquired about the sketches.  They were stunning.  After finding out that these were Saeed's first sketches ever, she knew that Saeed had a God given gift. Sandra's excitement was contagious. She asked Saeed would he like to add color to the sketches; and off they went to Walmart to buy paint to see if Saeed would like painting.  HE LOVED IT!!! The journey was about to take a direction that would change his life.

So many things had to be done -- Saeed created his own color palette, he bought the best quality oil paints and brushes, the best canvases, took some classes, hired a mentor -- he was all in! Saeed was going to be a professional artist. 

Saeed, who later married Sandra decided that the name of their art business was to be Sansae Art - San(the first three letters of Sandra) and Sae(the first three letters of Saeed) and the partnership of a lifetime began.  Saeed would create and Sandra would lead the business side of the art.

Saeed soon became known for his use of color and light in his paintings.  His original oil paintings are represented in galleries across North America, in art shows across North America and on our online website www.sansaeart.com  On this website you will find Saeed's original creations, limited edition on canvas and some plaquemounts.

However as the demand for Saeed's work has grown, and his desire to have it in people's homes and businesses has led to this new online store and the creation of some new products.  So this website is new but Saeed Hojjati's creations are not. The goal of Sansae Art is to have the masses enjoy Saeed's beauty and appreciation for color and light.  Sansae Art's mission is to design and create products that have original creations by Saeed enjoyed in many forms.


Sansae Art owns all the images that you will find on their products. Sansae Art does some of its products in house.   Sansae Art  also licenses manufacturers to reproduce Saeed's artwork on many different products, including greeting cards, greeting card plaquemounts, calendars, coasters, prints, and many other stationery and home décor items. The licensed products developed by Sansae Art are sold online and by specialty retailers in Canada.  Sansae Art's mission is to expand their product line online and in retailer stores.


Suite #223, 9768 - 170 Street, Edmonton, AB CANADA T5T 5L4


THE ONLINE STOREThe Sansae Art Gifts store online carries a variety of Sansae Art products, including several exclusive items. You can shop online or through the toll-free phone number, (866)913.6287